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Spider control & prevention
Spider Pest Control

Having spider problem on your property, home , or business?

Look no further than True Pest Solutions in Lebanon, TN, are experts in controlling and extermination all kinds of spiders. Our technicians will assess the severity of your spider problem, and craft a plan to effectively eliminate the problem and prevent future spider problems on your property.
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True Pest Solutions

Josh is excellent. He's very friendly, professional and thorough. We trust Josh 100% to come and spray when we are not home. To me that is a REQUIREMENT when it comes to choosing a pest company.

5 Star Review


True Pest Solutions is a great company. They are always professional and communicate very well. If you are looking for someone to keep your house free from mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, and other critters, look no further!

5 Star Review

David V.

I had a mosquito problem, and Josh came and sprayed and resolved everything in one visit. The professionalism and courtesy is unmatched, and I would 1,000% recommend to anyone for any pest-related issue!!

5 Star Review

Michael B.

Will recommend to friends and family moving forward. They were on time and explained why and what they were spraying for while also helpful hints on how to prevent moving forward.

5 Star Review

Justin G.

Always does an amazing job!! Very professional and reliable!!

5 Star Review

Carey A.

Josh is wonderful. Reasonably priced and always professional.

5 Star Review

Andria H.

Great service and responsiveness! A+!

5 Star Review

John R.


Why Choose Us

We Create Spider and Pest Control Solutions for You!

What makes True Pest Solutions stand tall among the spider exterminator competition?

We have passion for providing top-notch reliable and effective spider control for a reasonable price. We use safe eco-friendly products, safe the environment and you. We always take preventative measures to ensure that your spider problem will go away and stay gone for good.

Spiders are a common problem in many households. These eight-legged creatures come in various shapes, sizes, colors and levels of danger. While some are harmless and even beneficial to the environment, others can be large, dangerous and intimidating. Regardless, it is essential to take steps to keep them from entering your home. At True Pest Solutions, we specialize in spider remediation and ensure your home is kept free of these pests all year round.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and use the latest materials, techniques and tools to ensure the job is completed effectively. Our experienced team will come to your home, evaluate the source of the issue, and take the necessary steps to get rid of your problem. We are equipped to handle all types of spiders, such as grass spiders, orb weavers, wolf spiders, black widows, brown recluse spiders and long-bodied cellar spiders.
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In addition to our remediation services, we also offer preventative treatments designed to keep spiders away. Get in touch with True Pest Solutions to keep your home spider-free.

We help with a wide variety of different types of spiders, including:

  • • Grass spiders: Small spiders that weave distinctive webs in grass and lawns.
  • • Orb weaver spiders: Somewhat larger spiders with a distinctive yellow, orange, or white pattern on their otherwise black abdomen. Generally harmless to humans.
  • • Woodlouse hunter spiders: Spiders that have a distinct shiny brown abdomen and a dark red head and midsection.
  • • Wolf spiders: Generally larger spiders with a body that can approach one inch in length (not including their legs. They generally hunt insects along the ground, so they don’t often spin webs.
  • • Black widows: A venomous spider with a trademark red mark located on the underside of the abdomen. Female bites can be very painful and harmful to humans.
  • • Brown recluse spiders: A brown long-legged spider about the size of a penny that packs a nasty bite. While it may not be immediately harmful, they can be dangerous to humans and pets.
  • • Long-bodied cellar spider: Also known by it’s more common name, the “daddy-long-legs,” these spiders are generally harmless to humans, but do have an intimidating appearance. They are venomous, but they are generally incapable of actually biting most humans.

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